20 March 2019

Why should I sell rocks and minerals?

Are you thinking about adding rocks and minerals to your existing retail lines? You’re definitely in the right place.

Rocks and minerals are fantastic sellers and appeal to a wide range of different buyers. Thanks to the influence of social media and interest in positive health and wellbeing in recent years, things like Himalayan salt lamps and natural crystals are very much in demand. Aura plated minerals and brightly dyed crystals can be found all over sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.


Whether you’re a healer or you have an online shop, our products are accessible to anyone who is looking to extend their range with something unique.

We take our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. All of our rocks, minerals and fossils are ‘common’ and occur in essentially inexhaustible quantities (contrary to some misconceptions) and much of our material is a by-product of other mining activities.

British Fossils is the UK’s leading rock and mineral wholesaler to the gift trade – our products are proven sellers and our sales team are always on-hand to give advice on the best options for your retail space. Our till-point packs are ideal if you want to incorporate rocks and minerals but don’t have a lot of space, and our larger display stands are perfect for displaying our stock in a neat and presentable way.

Why not give it a try – call us on 01258 857035