01 May 2019

Himalayan Salt

Why should you start stocking Himalayan salt?

Over the last few years, Himalayan salt products have grown massively in popularity whether in its raw form for cooking and seasoning or as an indoor lighting feature.

Salt lamps are available in all shapes and sizes, and our lamps all come with dimmer switches. One of the most popular is the standard salt lamp – a block of salt mounted on a wooden base. This natural and simplistic lamp will fit in beautifully with any home! More contemporary, shaped ones are also available such as the rose shape and the square shape. For more of a centrepiece, we sell basket lamps filled with rough salt chunks.

Whichever salt lamp you choose to retail, they all come with a variety of claimed health benefits such as promoting sleep, boosting blood flow, increasing serotonin levels and calming allergy or asthma symptoms. It is important to note that these benefits are disputed, but the fact is – people love them!

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