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British Fossils is the UK’s leading wholesaler of rocks, fossils and minerals to the gift trade. Our customers include gift shops, theme parks, zoos, museums and visitor centres.

Our Dorset head office is just 20 miles from The Jurassic Coast – a World Heritage Site that boasts rock strata recording 185 million years of the Earth’s history.

With more than 30 years’ of expertise, we make it simple, profitable and enjoyable for you to retail crystals, minerals and fossils. Our tried and tested product lines includes our ‘ready-to-retail’ range making selling and displaying easy – just watch buyers snap them up!

Pick-up Line Packs – affordable, enticing gifts, presented in easy-to display, ready to retail boxes. Great for impulse buyers!

Small Box Packs – display-cased specimens that convert one-off buyers into collectors.

Gemstone Jewellery – a wide range of attractive and popular semi-precious jewellery to suit all ages, tastes and pockets.

We have a wide range of other unusual gifts and stones including agate and onyx, tumbled gemstones, mineral candle holders, amethyst, rose quartz and fools’ gold… even fossil shark teeth!

To boost your retail profits, call our friendly, professional staff on 01258 857035 or email us at [email protected]

Why British Fossils?

Q. I’ve never stocked rocks, crystals, fossils or minerals before, how will I know what to buy?

A. British Fossils have over 30 years experience supplying rocks, fossils and minerals to the gift trade, and have developed a product range that is full of proven best sellers. We are happy to help you tailor a mix of products that will suit your customers and in the unlikely event that you want to change your mind we will swap fully re-saleable stock for a different product. Call our sales team on 01258 857035.

Q. Why should I buy them from British Fossils?

A: We’ve spent the last 30 years making rock and mineral retailing as easy and profitable as we can for you – for more information, read About Us

New Retailers

Start making money now!

Q: Why start retailing fossil, mineral and crystal gifts if you’ve never done it before?

  • you will enjoy excellent profit margins
  • they are extremely popular
  • there is no need for expensive displays or specialist shop fittings
  • they do not require any specialist knowledge

Q. Why should I buy my rock and mineral gifts from British Fossils?

A. We buy all our top-grade stock to a consistent quality and size. Therefore you never have to worry about your deliveries or spending time grading and pricing products, and the stock is nearly always available for swift delivery from our UK warehouse. This, together with our helpful sales team always on the end of a telephone, means you have all the ease of buying you could wish for.

Our ethics, attitude to social responsibility and the environment.

British Fossils takes its social and environmental responsibilities very seriously.

Our rocks, minerals and fossils, although attractive and educational, are all ‘common’ and occur in essentially inexhaustible quantities (the Earth’s crust is, after all, entirely made up of rocks and minerals!).

Any specimens we come across that are rare or of scientific value are donated to museums.

Much of our material is a by-product of other mining activities (e.g. for roadstone or copper). Any mining specifically for the materials we use is done on a small scale at locations that are not environmentally sensitive.

Very little of our material derives from living plants and animals and we refuse to work with any materials, such as coral or whole shells, which could have an environmental impact.

Wherever possible, the Company Directors have visited and inspected the mines and factories that produce our goods worldwide to ensure that strict standards are adhered to with regards to working conditions, health and safety, child labour and similar issues.

If you would like further information on how we source products, we will be pleased to provide it.