Wide Giftstones Tower

Product Code: PK2013

This Wide Giftstones Tower has been designed to make displaying and selling our British Fossils products easy. It is the perfect way to grab the buyer’s attention, make the most of your retail space and increase sales with the attractive graphics. The stand has 24 moveable hooks, 6 acrylic trays with labels and dividers, and shelf space enabling you to display our full range. The acrylic trays can be used for basketlines, gemstones, mineral selection boxes, cards and most other small products. The higher shelves can be used for larger individual items like onyx and marble, agate lines and gemtrees etc., while the lower shelves are more suited to our large and small pick-up line packs. Hooks are adjustable and can be used to display all of our hang-tagged jewellery range.

Measures 179cm x 72cm x 58cm. Units are provided free on loan for the display of British Fossils products.

The pack is supplied as a 'Best Sellers' pack but if you would like to choose your own stock please call our offices on 01258 857035 for more details.

Please note: This unit now has white jewellery hooks