New Minerals just in!

We are pleased to announce that we have a few new minerals in our Large one-off Display pieces

They are sure to stand out in any display and will draw customers, new and old, in with their vibrant colours and gorgeous appearance. If you are looking for something unique to set your shop apart from others, these pieces are for you!

The new minerals we have in are:

Colorado Jade

Desert Jasper

Green Opal

Harlequin Quartz

Kambaba Jasper


Tourmalated Quartz

 As well as Freeform Rose Quartz, an old favourite!


We will be adding new pieces regularly, so be sure to check back with our Large one-off display pieces page often! If these pieces prove popular, we hope to get even more in, plus a few new lines with them, so watch this space!

Can’t wait for more? Book an appointment to visit our Showroom and choose from a wider selection of pieces before anyone else, plus pick up a bargain while you are here!


Email: or call us on 01258 857035 to book an appointment today. Our Showroom is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am-4pm, last appoinetment 3pm.