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Get 20% off Selected Heart themed products!

We currently have an amazing 20% discount on some of our heart-themed products!


Check out the products below and make sure you’re ready for Valentines Day:

Salt Massage Heart Pack

Was £33.00  Now £26.40

Cats-Eye Heart Pack

Was £86.40 Now £69.12

Mini Cats-Eye Heart Pack

Was £49.50  Now £39.60

1.5" Onyx Hearts

Was £0.95  Now £0.75

Heart Mood Ring Pack

Was £33.60 Now £26.88

Gemstone Heart Pendant Pack

Was £44.40  Now £35.52

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Dutch Auction

After the popularity of our previous Dutch auctions, we are bringing you another, with six stunning display pieces!

The auction will begin on Monday 1st February at 9:00am.
For each weekday the product remains unsold we will drop the price of the piece by the specified amount (please see individual products for the specifics) until the product is sold.

Don’t forget to check back daily to see the current price!

How much you wish to pay for the item is up to you, but remember it can be sold at any time, so don’t leave it too long!

If the products do not load below, click THIS LINK to see them.