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Gemstone spotlight: Citrine

Citrine is a member of the quartz family. It forms as a result of volcanic processes creating amethyst, which when exposed to great heat turns all shades of orange, becoming citrine. If you are looking for some stunning display pieces, check out our Large-one Off Display pieces of Citrine – great for setting off any display!

Said to stimulate the brain, Citrine helps strengthen the intellect. If your customers are looking for a way to help their concentration, have a look at our Crystal Point Pendant pack or our Citrine Tumbled stones combined with our Thongs and Spirals – both make for affordable jewellery options your customers can carry everywhere with them!

Citrine promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression; if you are a Crystal healer and are looking for the perfect smaller pieces of Citrine to use in your healing, then our Citrine Points are for you! Or, if you want something more rough, our Citrine Druze tray is perfect. Both of these have pieces between 1.5″ and 2.5″, the ideal size for both healing and as pick-ups for people using them at home.

If you are still not convinced about Citrine, the fact it is said to attract wealth, prosperity and success – even more reason for trying it out!

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Gemstone Spotlight: Amethyst

Amethyst forms as a result of volcanic processes within the Earth’s crust. Since Victorian times, amethyst has been prized for its beautiful purple colour and is still one of the most sought after semi-precious gemstones, and what better way to display it than with our HUGE range of Amethyst one-off display pieces! Including: Amethyst Madonnas, Cut base Amethyst and fabulous Uruguayan Amethyst.

If you are wanting a single crystal point, our Basketline Amethyst Points are a popular choice for use in Reiki Healing, as well as in jewellery making. If you want something simpler, we also sell Thongs and Spirels, which easily fit our Amethyst Gemstones in – making your own jewellery couldn’t be easier! We also have an Amethyst Tea-light holder, which is great for setting an aura in your shop or whilst doing Healing – coupled with our Amethyst  Pendulums to help those seeking for help reducing stress and improving focus

If you are looking for a smaller product to sell enmass, we have our wide selection of Trays, including Amethyst Druze, and AB plated Amethyst, both immensely popular items. We also have your Amethyst Jewellery needs covered with our Natures Gift range and, for those interested in Astrology and the Healing Power of crystals, we have the Zodiac and Crystal Energy Ranges,  Amethyst being the Birthstone for Aries.

Give Amethyst a go and bring our most popular crystal into your shop!

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New Minerals just in!

We are pleased to announce that we have a few new minerals in our Large one-off Display pieces

They are sure to stand out in any display and will draw customers, new and old, in with their vibrant colours and gorgeous appearance. If you are looking for something unique to set your shop apart from others, these pieces are for you!

The new minerals we have in are:

Colorado Jade

Desert Jasper

Green Opal

Harlequin Quartz

Kambaba Jasper


Tourmalated Quartz

 As well as Freeform Rose Quartz, an old favourite!


We will be adding new pieces regularly, so be sure to check back with our Large one-off display pieces page often! If these pieces prove popular, we hope to get even more in, plus a few new lines with them, so watch this space!

Can’t wait for more? Book an appointment to visit our Showroom and choose from a wider selection of pieces before anyone else, plus pick up a bargain while you are here!


Email: or call us on 01258 857035 to book an appointment today. Our Showroom is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am-4pm, last appoinetment 3pm.

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Gemstone Spotlight: Rose Quartz

So, you may be wondering, what is Rose Quartz and what makes it so popular?

Rose Quartz is a type of Quartz which exhibits a pale pink to rose red hue, this arises from traces of iron and titanium in the quartz. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful of all natural gemstones. It is known as the ‘love stone’ and most commonly occurs in its natural form of chunky masses rather than as crystals, like our new in Rose Quartz Boulders. Rose Quartz is also said to help with relationships, and our Rose Quartz Hearts are a perfect way to show this. If you are wanting a larger piece, our Rose Quartz Crystal Points would make both an amazing addition to your displays and are a more substantial Crystal for use in Reiki Healing. We also have a Rose Quartz Tea-light holder, which is great for setting an aura in your shop or whist doing Healing – coupled with our Rose Quartz Pendulums to help those seeking love or relationship help.

People love the gorgeous light pink colour of Rose Quartz and it is one of our most popular stones! If you are looking for a smaller product to sell in mass, we have Rose Quartz Tumble stones and, for an unpolished look, our Basketline Rose Quartz are both immensely popular items. We also have your Rose Quartz Jewellery needs covered with our Natures Gift range and, for those interested in Astrology and the Healing Power of crystals, we have the Zodiac and Crystal Energy Ranges,  Rose Quartz being the Birthstone for Taurus.

If you haven’t tried selling Rose Quartz yet, then hopefully this post will convince you to give it a go!

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A question I normally get asked is:

“What are your bestsellers?”

In short, we don’t sell anything that isn’t a good seller. Our ranges are reviewed annually to ensure that only the best lines are kept. Any new products are devised based on those that already sell well and trends in the current market, like our new brightly-coloured basketlines which were popular from the moment we launched them at the Giving and Living show in Exeter back in January. We soft launch and sales test our new lines to make sure they have great selling potential before they are available for purchase.

Our pick-up line packs are something we are known for (we like to think we are very good at them, too!) and there’s a pack to suit any budget or customer. We have lines themed around crystals, fossils and even pirates! They’re really easy to sell – just open the box and you’re ready to go.

A fantastic seller that I cannot fail to mention is our marble elephant tea light holders. With every new colour that we launch, these little animals just get better and better. Take a look at them here. At an attractive price point, they appeal to a wide age range and are perfect as a gift for the home.

For those who appreciate raw, natural crystals and fossils, we have a wide range of different display pieces in our Dorset showroom and we make sure to keep the website updated with our top picks. If there’s something you’re looking for but you can’t find it online, feel free to get in contact and we will do our best to help you find it.

If you are looking for something to fill a larger retail space and display some of your British Fossils products, have a look at our display units. Available free of charge with a minimum spend, we can advise you and put together a proposed order based on your needs and requirements. Email us on for more information. Alternatively, choose your own stock via our website and simply place your order that way.

We sell many of our products in relatively small minimum quantities meaning that you can trial without worry, especially our marble range. Throughout the year, we offer mystery or sample packs to invite you to trial a line free of charge with a minimum spend order that you might not have considered previously. Make sure to sign up on our website to receive our offers straight to your inbox!

For more detailed advice based on your personal retail space, please call 01258 857035 and speak to one of our friendly sales team. We will be happy to help you.

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** June’s Featured Product – Mineral Trays! **

Clean, easy to sell, high quality – our mineral trays are the perfect addition to your rock and mineral range!

With lots of different crystals to choose from, it’s easy to find out what works best for your retail space. Alongside the ever-popular natural crystals such as kyanite, tourmaline and rough emerald, we have a wide selection of aura plated and dyed crystals. These might not be the first choice for a long-standing mineral retailer but recently they have proved themselves to be really excellent sellers – you won’t look back! Our mineral trays are an excellent way to try things that aren’t in our basketline range.

With the 25% off selected trays offer happening until the end of June, there’s not a better time to give these a try!

Place your order online, over the phone, via email, with our agent or in the showroom. Call 01258 857035 to speak to someone from our friendly sales team.

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Himalayan Salt

Why should you start stocking Himalayan salt?

Over the last few years, Himalayan salt products have grown massively in popularity whether in its raw form for cooking and seasoning or as an indoor lighting feature.

Salt lamps are available in all shapes and sizes, and our lamps all come with dimmer switches. One of the most popular is the standard salt lamp – a block of salt mounted on a wooden base. This natural and simplistic lamp will fit in beautifully with any home! More contemporary, shaped ones are also available such as the rose shape and the square shape. For more of a centrepiece, we sell basket lamps filled with rough salt chunks.

Whichever salt lamp you choose to retail, they all come with a variety of claimed health benefits such as promoting sleep, boosting blood flow, increasing serotonin levels and calming allergy or asthma symptoms. It is important to note that these benefits are disputed, but the fact is – people love them!

Order yours today, or to find out more give us a call on 01258 857035

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Why should I sell rocks and minerals?

Are you thinking about adding rocks and minerals to your existing retail lines? You’re definitely in the right place.

Rocks and minerals are fantastic sellers and appeal to a wide range of different buyers. Thanks to the influence of social media and interest in positive health and wellbeing in recent years, things like Himalayan salt lamps and natural crystals are very much in demand. Aura plated minerals and brightly dyed crystals can be found all over sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Whether you’re a healer or you have an online shop, our products are accessible to anyone who is looking to extend their range with something unique.

We take our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. All of our rocks, minerals and fossils are ‘common’ and occur in essentially inexhaustible quantities (contrary to some misconceptions) and much of our material is a by-product of other mining activities.

British Fossils is the UK’s leading rock and mineral wholesaler to the gift trade – our products are proven sellers and our sales team are always on-hand to give advice on the best options for your retail space. Our till-point packs are ideal if you want to incorporate rocks and minerals but don’t have a lot of space, and our larger display stands are perfect for displaying our stock in a neat and presentable way.

Why not give it a try – call us on 01258 857035